Complete information will be posted here here

in mid-December 2016. 

The drawing for 2016 plot rentals was held on February 9, 2016.

All applicants were notified on February 13.

58 applicants received the opportunity to rent a plot,

and 12 applicants were on the waiting list.

As of early July, the waiting list stood at 2.


Thank you for your interest in the Estes Valley Community Garden!


Questions?  Email us at

or call Connie Dedon at 586-4078.

380 Community Drive 

POB 4158|Estes Park|CO|80517

"The desirable green thumb comes from knowledge of good gardening principles and the putting of these principles into practice. The person with a so-called green thumb is the one who loves flowers with the same sort of love one feels for his family, dog, riding horse, or any other thing that lives. "

-Rosalie Doolittle 

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