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Plants That Can Be Grown in Estes Park 

Crop List; September 2010; updated February 2023

Growing Tomatoes at High Elevations 

Jon Weiss, CSU Extension Master Gardener, April 2023

Growing Your Own Garlic  

Joan Sapp, September 2019

Potatoes in the Home Garden 
Colorado State University Extension Fact Sheet 7.617

Growing Tomatoes in Cool, Short-season Locations 

University of Idaho Extension Bulletin 864

How to Prune Tomato Plants

BBOG Big Blog of Gardening

What Can I Plant?
Janet Vetter, May 2020


Bountiful Berries 

Floyd Wright, April 2017

Strawberries for the Home Garden

CSU Extension Fact Sheet 7.000


Sweet Corn in the Community Garden? Sure, Why Not!

Roger Levy and Claire Hanson, March 2018


Growing Herbs at the Community Garden

Brenda Loveall and Claire Hanson, April 2018


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