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The Garden 






  • Total garden size 100’ x 126’ 

  • 91 raised 4' x 10' beds with quality soil/compost mix

  • Fencing above and below ground

  • Town water connection

  • Tool shed

  • Initial construction cost: $30,000 paid for by gifts, grants, donated materials, and volunteer labor

  • Dedicated space for Crossroad Ministry’s Food Pantry

  • One or more plots dedicated to youth/school classes

  • Several plots sponsored on a need basis

  • Water outlets & drip irrigation

  • Support from experienced gardeners

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A map of the garden plots with assigned numbers
Wide view of the garden in 2018.






Involvement for all ages

Healthy eating with fresh produce

Techniques for high altitude gardening success

Capacity building for sustainable local food production

Early stage of the garden in 2016, three men working with shovels, wheelbarrows and dirt.

Corner of Community and Manford, in Stanley Park between skate park and tennis courts.

- Plots taking shape in early April 2016

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