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The EVCG is a group of high elevation gardeners dedicated to the opportunity to collaborate and celebrate cultivation of healthy, fresh produce and foster community spirit.

The mission of the Estes Valley Community Garden (EVCG) is to enrich the individual, social, and environmental health of the residents of the Estes Valley through gardening and gardening knowledge, by providing residents the opportunity to grow some of their own food, thus encouraging the community to become more sustainable.  


The purpose of the EVCG is to promote gardening enjoyment and a greater understanding of the challenges of high elevation and mountain gardening in the Estes Valley.


The goal of the EVCG is to provide a location for anyone interested in learning about high-altitude tree, fruit, vegetable and flower gardening through experience and mentoring to gather and reap the benefits of locally grown produce.




The organizational meeting of the corporation was held on September 16, 2014. The bylaws of the Estes Valley Community Garden, Inc., were adopted by the Board of Directors of the corporation as of September 16, 2014.

EVCG Board Members

President – Ren Gobris / July 2025*

Vice President – Vacant

Treasurer – Vacant

Assistant Treasurer – Leslie Alexander / July 2024*

Secretary – Leslie Alexander

Grants & Gifts Coordinator – Vacant 

Diversity & Outreach Coordinator – Vacant


At Large:

Deborah Bruce / July 2025*


*Board Term Expires


The Estes Valley Community Garden, Inc. is a 501(c)3, Non-Profit Corporation, a tax exempt organization.

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